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4. Have us come to you!

Gear SetUp Guidance

Is  your sound is acceptable to professional VO clients? We'll give it a listen and tell you.

Make your audio sound professional and "ready for air"!

Let us make your space sound as good as a commercial studio!

Need help with a specific issue? 
Pay one flat fee to get it resolved.
Prices start at only $79!

2. Get help from a home studio tech

Need to record a remote recording session with a studio while being directed?

Create the perfect audiobook recording for publishers that require "finished" or "mastered" files.

Sound Check

Did you buy a bunch of new gear and need help getting things set up? We can help!

For the working voice-over actor

Do you need us to take a firsthand look at your audio issues? Schedule an on-site consult with George Whittam. Note: Available in LA area only

Are you a working voice actor?

Already auditioning and booking work? Then you're in the right place. Edge Studio is ready to help you take the next step to improve your audio as you grow your business.

Personalized Assistance

Have a question you can send in an email?
We'll email you an answer for only $19.

Skype for Phone Patch

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Recording Presets (Stacks)

Acoustic Treatment

1. Ask A Question / Get An Answer

Audiobook Production

3. Book a consult with George Whittam

Need an in-depth conversation about your home studio needs?  We offer consults via Skype and telephone.


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