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Listen while Director of Technology George Whittam and the Home Studio Support Squad of Edge Studio discusses Three Home Studio Misconceptions. Graeme Spicer, Edge Studio's Managing Director, will be our host for the event.

Joining us for the show tonight were Andrew Feliciano of VoiceTrax West, Steven J Cohen, and toward the end (because George told her the wrong time!), Amanda Rose Smith.

STEP 1:  How quickly do you need support?

*One flat price per problem, until your specific issue is resolved.  

Weekends (between 6 pm PT Friday and 10 am PT Monday) will have an extended response time. 

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If your support need involves Mac or Windows software, we can (with your permission) access your computer remotely using industry-standard software. If you need training, we’ll be able to see your screen, guide you and watch your response. If your software or computer settings need adjustment, we’ll be able to tweak them, telling you what we did and why. After the support session, our access is immediately disabled. 

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Meet the HSSS Team!

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as they discuss the Top Three Home Studio Misconceptions!

STEP 2:  Open a Support Ticket (our fancy way of getting the details!)

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Technical issues such as studio design, soundproofing, sound conditioning, wiring, etc. may require a physical visit. Our experts are distributed around the U.S., and are fully familiar with home-studio design, materials and equipment. Click here for more information and to arrange a visit at an affordable rate. 

Get your specific technical issue sorted out now – quickly and easily. 

The Home Studio Support Squad brings together the best technicians in the voice-over business, and whatever your audio need, we have at least one expert specifically for it. From Pro Tools to Audacity, Neumann to MXL, we’ll get you working in top form. 

Other Edge Studio Support options:
On-site from George Whittam  
Remote from George Whittam