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If you've worked with George before, you can purchase as much time as you need!
$60 per 15 minutes

If this is your first time working with George,
we highly recommend booking 30 minutes.

with George Whittam

Wherever you live, you can have a virtual "visit" from George Whittam himself. Even if you live in the Greater Los Angeles area, you may find this just as helpful as a personal visit, and more economical.
George's Remote Support includes the same comprehensive insight as when he visits in person.

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With your permission, we can access your computer remotely, using support-industry standard software. We’ll be able to see your screen, guide you, and watch your response. If your software or computer settings need adjustment, we’ll be able to tweak them, telling you what we did and why. After the support session, our access is immediately disabled. 

To enable TeamViewer remote access now, click the appropriate button below.  

Upload your files below by typing in your email address and clicking "Next".

George is awesome! I am really impressed with what he did to make my system sound better. I'm getting a new mic soon and I'll hire him again to set me up a new rack so it can compete with the best!

Kathy Curtis

Remote Support

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Send us a recording sample: 

  • MP3 Mono (at least 128 kbps), AIFF, or WAV
  • Your DRY VOICE ONLY, no music or effects added (unless you want us to judge your production skills)
  • No longer than 60 seconds per sample (unless otherwise requested)
  • Five to ten seconds of room tone at the beginning or end of the read. No shuffling, sighing, moving, or anything other than the air in the room. 

Choose your preferred method of communication:

  • Source Connect:  Username "soundgun"
  • IPDTL:  No account required, just CLICK HERE type in your name!
  • Skype:  Username "soundgun" 
  • Facetime:  Username: "eldorec@mac.com"
  • Skype phone line:  310-574-2804

Due to the current demand, wait time to receive files or schedule time with George Whittam is often more than one (1) week.  

If your need is urgent, please visit the HSSS page for support, or call 212-868-3343.  

Some years ago, I decided I wanted to pursue a voice-over career after many years as an Equity stage actress. I joined a website for voice-over professionals, who answered my innocent questions with derision and condescension.  I cried and and thought this was beyond me.  But one kind poster's message stayed with me. "I will help you. Whatever you need. Just contact me when you're ready," he wrote.  I saved the post.  Three years later, I finally contacted him. And in one short hour, George fixed all my audio problems, had me set up for successful auditions, and most importantly, taught me with such patience and compassion.  He gave me the confidence I needed to push forward. What a gift to work with someone who possesses such technical skill and yet also works with his heart to help his clients.  It was an honor... thank you.

~Suzanne Blair

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