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We do NOT do contracting, but as an additional service, George Whittam will guide you in choosing a local contractor, and work with both of you in managing the physical construction of your studio. 

We'll start right now by reminding that a VO studio is not the same as a music studio, not even the same as a home theater.  Your contractor will need to understand not only essential construction and soundproofing principles, but also how your studio will be used, and (depending on what you're constructing) possibly the supporting structure and your local building codes.  You may not know how to check someone out for all that. George does.

During the course of the project, George will periodically and proactively consult with you and your contractor to:

  • Meet remotely with you and contractor, to review and sign-off on construction proposal.
  • If project is local to George in LA, he can then be present for critical points of construction and/or onsite inspections. If not local (or if you prefer), these can be administered remotely via Skype.


  • Studio sound check
  • Acoustic tuning
  • Equipment tweaking
  • Studio orientation to familiarize you with where things are and how they work
  • 30-day follow-up

Step 3: Construction Management

With George Whittam

George Whittam shares his home studio design and construction process.
Special thanks to Alicyn Packard for letting us share this experience! 

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