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So you're ready to build your home studio ...

Where to start? How to start?  George is where. He'll tell you how.

Whether you're a VO talent who is totally new to studio technology (all you've ever done is step up to a mic you weren't even allowed to touch!), or you're a technology fan needing to make sense of dozens of possible options, George knows the best way for you develop a plan and put it into effect. 

In this one-hour consult George will determine:

  • Your overall needs
  • Noise and ventilation challenges
  • Space limitations
  • Budget
  • If you are ready to move forward

Book a Get Started! consultation now.  All we need is the information shown at left. 

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My experience with George was fantastic! I will be submitting a recording in my new studio - put together with George's expert advice. The consultation was well worth it. Thanks, George

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Step 1: Get Started! Studio Consultation


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With George Whittam