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If your support need involves Mac or Windows software, we can (with your permission) access your computer remotely using industry-standard software. If you need training, we’ll be able to see your screen, guide you and watch your response. If your software or computer settings need adjustment, we’ll be able to tweak them, telling you what we did and why. After the support session, our access is immediately disabled. 

To enable TeamViewer remote access now, click below.  

$1395 Pro

Do you have an iLok?
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Already own Source Connect and want to upgrade?  

You can purchase an upgrade directly from Source Elements.

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with custom setup instructions and
one month phone support

Source-Connect enables audio connections between digital audio systems anywhere in the world, allowing direct-to-the-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio using only T1, Cable, or DSL internet connections. It doesn't require expensive ISDN lines, hardware, subscription fees, or minute-by-minute line charges, so your professional, home, or portable studio can affordably access any studio and any talent – anywhere in the world.

Source-Connect is available as a completely stand-alone application for Mac OS, or as a plugin for Pro Tools, VST (Adobe Audition, Nuendo, Sonar, Vegas, SE Desktop) and Audio Units (Garageband, Logic), Windows and Mac.

Your purchased license is permanent!  Unlike some other services, there are no monthly charges, recurring fees, or software update charges.

Customers who purchase their licenses from us receive complimentary over-the-phone and over-the-Internet guided setup help. We'll walk you through the steps of creating your iLok account, synchronizing your iLok licenses, setting up your Source Elements user account, installing Source-Connect, and setup of your audio interface to work with Source-Connect. We'll finish off the service with a test session with us.

Source-Connect is available in two licenses, Standard and Pro. Compare the Features.

Source Elements does not officially support Windows Vista. You can request an Advanced Session to have Source-Connect installed for you on Vista if required.
Check the most up to date compatibility information.
Source-Connect Standalone is available for Mac OS and Windows 7 and up.
If you don't know what version of Windows you have, click here.

You may use an iLok USB key to run Source-Connect, but you don't need it.  If your Pro Tools system came with an iLok then you may use it. 

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Source-Connect Audio over IP Software for Mac and Windows

$650 Standard


with custom setup instructions and
one year phone support