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INFO WE NEED FROM YOU (Word document)

  • List your audio equipment, computer model, and recording software version a text file and include it with your audio file(s), zipped (archived) together. 
  • Filename must start with your name!
  • Photos and videos of studio also accepted.
  • MP3 Mono (at least 128 kbps), AIFF, or WAV
  • Your DRY VOICE ONLY, no music or effects added (unless you want us to judge your production skills)
  • No longer than 60 seconds per sample (unless otherwise requested)
  • Five to ten seconds of room tone at the beginning or end of the read. No shuffling, sighing, moving, or anything other than the air in the room. 


Send one Zip file with with all media files (JPG, MP3, WAV, DOC, PDF, MP4) using the form below.

All file names must start with your name.



Step 1 (of 2):

Step 2 (of 2):

Do you hear what your clients hear?  Possibly not. For a variety of reasons.

  • You may not know what to listen for, or may not have been trained to listen for it correctly.
  • You may not be able to hear some things. For example, high-frequency hiss and sibilance will sound different to you as you get older.
  • Your system might not be able to play it for you. For example, you can't hear rumble from passing trucks or the subway if your speakers and headphones won't reproduce it, or won't do it correctly.
  • You might be "blind" to certain sounds and acoustic conditions. After all, you live among them all day, every day.  Your brain thinks it's doing you a favor by ignoring them or filtering them out.  Not so. 
  • You might think your standards are sufficient, even high. You might be surprised. 

Get your sound checked professionally. At this economical price from Edge Studio, it's probably the best assurance around that your sound is acceptable to professional VO clients.  (And if it's not up to professional standards, you need this evaluation even more!)

We'll report back with details about your recording quality in the following areas:

  • Levels
  • Noise floor
  • Mic technique
  • Acoustics
  • Processing (if used)

Be sure to upload your files below!

Upload your files below by typing in your email address and clicking "Next".

Sound Check