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Also called stacks, racks, or templates

Step 1:

Send one Zip file with with all media files (JPG, MP3, WAV, DOC, PDF, MP4) using the form below.

All file names must start with your name.

INFO WE NEED FROM YOU (Word document)

Your contact info

  • Your phone number
  • Preferred method of communication
  • Your location

Also include

  • A description of your equipment
  • The name and version of your DAW software

If your source audio is not usable, we'll let you know, with instructions for next steps on how to resolve the issues.


  • MP3 (Mono, 128 kbps or higher), AIFF, or WAV
  • No longer than 1 minute
  • Read ACTUAL COPY in the style you need a preset for
  • Include few seconds of “live mic” silence at the beginning or end of the read, so we can hear the room tone
  • One audio file per genre
  • Audio should have no processing or normalization applied

Upload your files below by clicking "choose files" or by dragging them to the blue box.

TwistedWave & Adobe Audition CS5.5 or newer ONLY!!!

All DAWS!!!

Customized Recording Presets

Why you need customized recording presets:

It used to be OK to send out your recordings "flat" or "dry,” with no processing of any kind.  In those days, every producer had a skilled audio engineer whose job was to spruce up your audio, sweeten, master, that sort of thing.

Now, your audio should usually be "ready for air," or at least sound that way – because the producer might use it directly in their Final Cut session, as-is.  Dry audio may have a very hard time "cutting through" the mix.

It also portrays you as a consummate professional. Think of each audition file as a "mini demo," showing off not only your acting skills, but your recording skills, as well. You might even pick up extra business for your processing services.

AUDITIONS ESPECIALLY should be processed!  

You’re competing with hundreds of voice actors who may process their takes. Don't send a Polaroid when clients want to see a glossy 8x10"!  If you don't properly process your recording, you’ll sound less professional than your competition.  

Even if the job you are auditioning for will be produced in another studio, many prospective clients do not realize how the finished product will sound. (And even a well-trained pro is at least subconsciously influenced by subtle sweetening.) What you send has to grab the listener’s attention and sound fully professional, without being distorted or going technically over the top.  (If an audition specifically says to submit a dry recording, you should, of course, submit yours dry. But such requests are a small minority.)

You may want to do this for several for different genres, because processing settings can be unique for each style. For example:

• Commercial
• Promo/Trailer
• Animation/Video Game
• Corporate narration
• Telephony
• Audiobooks*

*NOTE: Mastering an audiobook as specified by ACX, etc. involves more than just loading a stack. For Audiobooks, we therefore highly recommend our Mastering Preset and Training Video service.

In customizing presets, George Whittam will:

  • Review your audio sample
  • Process it for your voice, style of read, and studio acoustics
  • Send you a processed sample for approval
  • Include instructions on how to import the custom preset

We can work with:

  • Adobe Audition 1.5 - 3.0
  • Reaper for Mac and Windows
  • Pro Tools for Mac or Windows
  • Sony SoundForge for Mac or Windows* (Pro only)
  • Audacity for Mac or Windows*

*For these systems, you'll receive a video tutorial only, templates not available.

TwistedWave & Adobe Audition CS5.5 or newer ONLY!!!

$150 / 3-pack

Step 2: