Jordan Reynolds, Home Studio Technician

Steve Sisk, Home Studio Technician

Steven has been telling stories his whole life. Professionally, since 1991. A narrator, sound engineer, audiobook publisher, and educator, Steven works with students holistically, helping them find an authentic read, streamlining the production process, and developing their brand.

Now based in Massachusetts just east of the Berkshires, he was born and raised in Brooklyn. While working to make it as an actor, Steven paid the bills doing Sound and Lighting Design on New York's Theatre Row and uptown at Symphony Space. So his audio roots as an expert recording engineer run very deep. In addition to acting, Steven also wrote, produced, and directed a number of shows in smaller venues. Along the way, he studied acting with people like F. Murray Abraham, Emelie FitzGibbon, William Prosser, Dorothy Heathcote, Carol Monda, and Johnny Heller, as well as writing with Alan Ginsberg, Aurand Harris, and Frank McCourt.

After spending a few years as an accent coach, and as a more traditional educator, Steven headed to Massachusetts’ Connecticut River Valley, where he has continued to teach subjects ranging from stagecraft to British literature. He also continued to write and perform, and even developed software from time to time.

But mainly he develops stories, and enables others to do the same. “Tell it well,” he says, “and produce it flawlessly.”  That’s how he developed a following all over the world.

Tommy knows computers. Boy, does Tommy know computers, especially Macs. And he also knows audio and the recording industry.

As a California lad, he worked in various parts of the music industry, eventually winding up as VP/Sr. Director of Production at Hitmakers Magazine (a music-industry publication aimed at record labels and radio stations).  His editorial management responsibilities included working directly with major record labels.

After a decade at that, Tommy and a partner formed MacMyDay, a company focused on on-site Apple Mac service, sales, training and support. He’s done Macintosh tune-ups, back-up solutions, and network set-ups, diagnosed and repaired malfunctions, removed malware removal and installed protection, and installed HDD and SSD storage. After another decade, Tommy took the company into expansion mode, offering not only service calls to residences, corporations and educational institutions, but also remote services, clean-room capabilities and bench repair.

So whatever your home studio technical issue, for Tommy it’s is a piece of cake!

 Rebel Clair, Administrative Assistant

Jordan is an expert on both sides of the glass; he’s a professional audio engineer and voice actor.  Seeing things from the two perspectives gives him an extra advantage in designing and troubleshooting professional home studios, which he’s done for voice talent across the nation.  Jordan has also spoken on the subject of audio and home studios at many voice-over conferences. Of course, in the audio world, it also helps to know computers. No problem – he was formerly a Director of Information Technology, lording over both Macs and PCs. 
At the mic, he has given voice to AT&T, Walmart, Sprite, and Cisco, as well as various video game characters. He’s guided thousands of phone callers and explained hundreds of startup businesses online. With a 4-octave vocal range, he also enjoys singing. Jordan has strengthened his chops with ongoing coaching, and many years of improv training and performance.
Jordan has also produced and recorded music for musicians in his own professional studio. That’s how he wound up in front of  the mic (or behind it ... depends on your perspective). His production skills and work with VO talent led to producing voice-over demos for some of today’s top voice actors, so why not do one for himself?! 

​​Randy Brown, Home Studio Technician

Amanda Rose Smith, Home Studio Technician

Steven Jay Cohen, Home Studio Technician

Andrew Feliciano has been an audio engineer for more than 10 years. He received a degree in computer science in 2001, but with a background in music, he gravitated towards pro audio and found a home in voice-over.

In 2008 he recorded Beau Bridges for the audiobook version of "An Inconvenient Truth", which won a Grammy that year for Best Spoken Word Album.

He will finish a graduate degree in business later this year and continues to explore new technology in audio recording and computers. Andrew is an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast.

George Whittam founded and grew VO Studio Tech, which Edge Studio acquired as the core of our enhanced Technology Department.

George is a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Music and Audio Technology with a minor in Communications. George gained considerable expertise in music recording by working with various musicians and artists in the Philadelphia area. He also got broadcast engineering experience at a Philadelphia radio station, as the remote engineer for the NFL Eagles Radio Network.

George entered the world of voice-overs almost accidentally. The station’s engineer built a home studio for Howard Parker (at the time, a producer at the station) and George came along to assist. Parker's voice-over career grew and he began doing trailers, at which point George followed him to Los Angeles – and enlarged his already diverse experience. In the span of just three years, George worked on more than 15 film projects as a sound mixer and boom operator.

Meanwhile, he gained audio consulting clients, focusing solely on voice-over studios and related professionals.  Now, more than a decade later, George's extensive knowledge of computers, software, equipment, and troubleshooting abilities makes him a sought-after expert and indispensable on-call technician. He's globally considered a top authority in voice-over recording technology, having invested thousands of hours researching studio design and recording equipment, creating training materials for voice actors, and innovating new techniques. Among the industry stars he has advised are the late Don LaFontaine, Bill Ratner, Joe Cipriano and Scott Rummell.

The Edge Studio technical team is geographically distributed, but they all share – we all share – several important qualities.  (1) We're experienced VO pros (some of us are professional voice actors ourselves; (2) We know all aspects of the technical side of our business – the software, hardware, standards and client expectations; and (3) We're dedicated to solving problems for home-studio owners. (We know how it is!)

Dave Immer provides our ISDN support and has more ISDN experience than any man alive.  Dave Immer's experience as composer/arranger and producer coupled with his solid technical and audio engineering background form the underpinnings of his stewardship of his own company, DIGIFON.

Building on a successful three decade music career featuring numerous recordings and music advertising campaigns, DIGIFON was born out of Immer's own need to receive and deliver audio and data instantaneously over low cost ISDN lines with facilities, artists and producers around the world. His expertise on ISDN for audio has found expression in articles for trade magazines, quotes in the NYNEX and Bell South ISDN guide, and his chairmanship of ISDN Studio Workshops at the Fall 1995, 1997 & 2001 Audio Engineering Society conventions at Jacob Javits Center in New York. 

Rebel is a diverse mix of highly creative ideas and highly mechanical abilities, melded through her love for people. Accordingly, she has pursued several careers.  First, she concentrated on Graphic Design, attending ArtCenter College of Design and Santa Monica College, after which she ran an art department of 50 as a V.P., focused on media packaging.

After having her own company for awhile, she began exploring her “mechanical” self. Eventually, she met George Whittam (who has since become Edge Studio’s Director of Technology), and it seemed a good professional match. The “people” part of her came to fore. Having helped people get organized all her life, she formalized her capability by setting up shop as a professional organizer, with George as one of her clients. He is the tech, and she is his administrative assistant.Always growing, Rebel recently returned to school, to learn how to paint. Two of her paintings have been accepted for a local art show.

Steve understands what goes into a home studio, from a wide range of perspectives. For seven of his 30 years in the entertainment business, Steve was an actor on stage, TV and film sets across Canada. And before acting, he learned theater sound, including theatrical productions and roadie work for acts such as Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen and U2.

It turned out that acting was only one of his capabilities. Exploring further afield, he became a talent agent, and then started working with David Kaye (which occupied much of his time). With Steve's assistance, David’s career skyrocketed. So did Steve's, as he began designing and building personal studios for many actors around Vancouver, along with coaching and advising them. He took some new voice actors from $5,000 a year to $150,000+ in a couple years ... although Steve admits that their own talent was a factor, and as the investment ads say, “these results may not be typical.” 

However, they were typical enough that his activities necessitated branching out across Canada and to L.A., and he’s been pulling double duty for many years: creating studios, and counseling actors in acting technique and getting traction in their careers.

As we say at Edge Studio, learning never ends, and Steve is a perfect example. He’s been studying yet another segment of the entertainment industry -- visual effects. The link between visual effects and home studio technology may seem tenuous, but it’s plenty of fun, and 3-D visualization helps in designing studio spaces. There may be still more spinoff benefits, who knows?

Randy Brown's career began in radio, back in 1969. He's been a disc jockey, production director, and program director at numerous radio stations, including KEGL, KILT, XEROK and KRLD.  He also served as the lead play-by-play voice of PGA TOUR Radio for five years.  Randy was inducted in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

His career in freelance voice-over began in the mid 1970s, when he became the voice of Color Tile on TV spots across the country.  “I wish I’d have pursued voice-over full-time at that point,” he says.  “But I had a steady source of income from radio, and it seemed foolish to walk away from that to pursue an uncertain future in voice-over.”

But in 2001, Randy did just that.  Today, the lion’s share of his work is spent as the imaging voice for radio stations in a variety of formats.  At various times he’s served as the signature voice for as many as 75 client stations at once. Randy has also produced thousands of radio commercials in his career and is fluent with most audio production software, including Pro Tools and Adobe Audition. He uses Twisted Wave to record his voice tracks “because it’s simple and FAST.”  He is also fluent in video editing with both Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer, and for several years has been a volunteer moderator with the Avid User Forums.  

On joining the Edge Studio team, Randy said, “I’ve always been the guy my friends call when they’re needing to troubleshoot their audio software or their computer. So assisting others through Edge Studio seems like a logical extension of that.” 

One way or another, Randy keeps things rolling. A former professional bowler, Randy is also a United States Bowling Congress Bronze Certified coach, and on Saturdays he runs the junior bowling program at his local bowling center in suburban Atlanta.

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Dan lives in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC and is a husband and father of two boys. He attended five universities and had three majors before being introduced to audio engineering in 1994. Realizing his career dream, he ended his educational journey at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio finishing among the top 5 in his class. With over a decade in the voice-over industry, he has produced, directed or provided his voice to thousands of audio productions.

In 2010 he published SOUND ADVICE-Voiceover From An Audio Engineer's Perspective. A first of its kind in the industry, the book covers audio engineering and studio session etiquette as it relates directly to voice-over talent. He continues to write a popular blog at his website: SOUND4VO.com. His ability to simplify often complex recording and audio concepts is unmatched in the voice-over industry.

Dan was chosen to be among the top 10 “Most Influential Voice-Over Writers in 2011” in a Voice123 online survey and has been a featured guest at many voice-over conferences and on industry webinars. In 2011, Dan began working with Edge Studio, providing editing, recording, and home studio classes, as well as consultations to help new voice talent (along with established professionals) improve their business. He is highly regarded in the voice-over community and his vast knowledge continues to educate our Edge Studio students every day.

Dan Friedman is an accomplished engineer, producer, director and author. He is also a successful voice-over talent and has been heard on hundreds of local and regional television and radio campaigns as well as many corporate narrations. He has been the national voice for Moe's Southwest Grill, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Hulu Plus. Other recent clients include: CW Network, WalMart, Hardees, IBM, McDonald’s and many more.

Dan Friedman, Home Studio Technician 

Dave Immer, Home Studio Technician

Tommy Grafman, Home Studio Technician

Technology Team

Amanda was originally a musician, still is. But after earning a BA in Music Composition from Smith College, she discovered that she loved recording as much as composing. So she moved to NYC where she completed a Masters Degree in Music Technology at New York University. Since then she's worked as a live sound engineer and at post production houses throughout the city, on various projects including music, film, television, video games, audiobooks and commercials. She served as an ADR engineer on Season 2 of Netflix's "Orange Is The New Black," and dialogue editor for Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead: The Game."

Meanwhile, Amanda continues to compose music, and loves most things Star Trek, and scuba diving.  

Amanda is well versed in Pro Tools, Reaper, Twisted Wave, Audacity and other software, is experienced with the most popular VO mics, and – having edited and mastered 500+ audiobooks – knows post-production, too. As one of the Edge Studio staff available for remote and on-site consulting, she enjoys travel. In fact, Amanda would like eventually to visit all seven continents. Maybe she can combine these ambitions? Hey, Antarctica, need some hands-on audio guidance?

Andrew Feliciano, Home Studio Technician

George Whittam, Director of Technology