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Need a visit from George Whittam himself?  If you're in the Greater Los Angeles area,* you're in luck!
George's on-site visit includes:

  • One 30-minute phone or Skype call to determine your needs
  • Two hours of tech time on site
  • Assessment of your space and equipment
  • Analysis of your sound quality
  • Recommendations
  • One customized recording preset (AKA stack, rack, template) tailored to your voice, your equipment, and your acoustics

*If if takes over 30 minutes of transit time (one-way) from Edge Studio LA to get there, then additional time will be billed.

OUTSIDE THE LOS ANGELES AREA? Often times George will travel and we will offer on-site consults in your area

On-Site Consultation

* in the Greater Los Angeles Area
For other areas, additional travel fees apply

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Email: technology@EdgeStudio.com
Include your:

  • Phone number
  • Preferred method of communication
  • Location


Thank you! And be sure to thank George for me again. He's the best. His time and effort have truly changed my life.

Best, Brie

with George Whittam

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