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Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a long-established technology for transmitting high-quality signals over the public telephone network. It's expensive, it's no longer available in some locations, and today there are alternatives. But some VO clients and talent require it.

We're here to help, particularly with the ordering process. ISDN service is not bundled with anything, it's completely separate and must be ordered from the correct department of your phone company. The ordering process is not trivial; you must know what to ask for.   

Where new installations are available, the ISDN service is supplied by whatever telephone company serves your location. If you get Verizon service, then it's Verizon. If AT&T, then it's ... yep, AT&T.

The service typically costs $50-$800/month plus long distance (depending on where you are located) for the basic service, just to have the line active at your location.  The telephone company charges a fee to establish the service and install the jack in your home/office, around $200-$300.  

You must also purchase an "ISDN Codec" box to connect to your existing VO studio.

ISDN equipment ranges in price from $500 for older, used equipment, to $3000+ for new equipment.  You'll probably need an audio mixer as well.  And to make ISDN fidelity worthwhile, your studio must be devoid of outside noise and have professional sounding acoustics.  

Our ISDN specialist: Dave Immer 

Dave is the pre-eminent ISDN expert in the United States, and having dealt with its idiosyncrasies longer than anyone we know. For one flat fee, he can walk you through the entire ordering and programming process.  Don't waste your valuable time on the phone, being sent endlessly from department to department at the phone company, looking for someone who even knows what ISDN is.

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$175 deposit

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Total ISDN ordering service fee is $600.

The $175 deposit will be applied to the total if the service is installed successfully.

$425 balance
due upon completion