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Send one Zip file with with all media files
(JPG, MP3, WAV, DOC, PDF, MP4) using the form below.

All file names must start with your name.

INFO WE NEED FROM YOU (word document)

Your contact info

  • your phone number
  • preferred method of communication
  • your location

Also include

  • A description of your equipment
  • The name and version of your DAW software
  • Equipment used for source file
  • Equipment used for match file

We need your current sound and a sample of the old sound you need us to match.   Ideally they should be the same script. 


  • Sample of your current sound and the old sound you need to match
  • Ideally they should be the same script
  • Mono Mp3 128 kbps or higher, AIFF, WAV
  • Must be no longer than 60 seconds
  • A few seconds of silence at the begining or end of the read so we can hear the room tone
  • Match audio should have no processing or normalization applied

Have you recently upgraded your recording studio equipment chain, or made adjustments to your sound, and now things don't match an old project? 

Let our golden-eared engineers come up with the processing settings you need, to make revisiting old projects a breeze!

We will: 

  • Process the audio
  • Send back the resulting file for approval
  • Provide you with either preset files or screen shots of the settings we used (where applicable), as well as detailed instructions on how to apply this information. 

What can't we match?  While we can make a "dead" room sound livelier, we can't make a "live" room (echoey) sound deader (less echoey).  

We can work with:

  • TwistedWave 
  • Reaper for Mac and Windows
  • Adobe Audition for Mac or Windows (1.5, 3, 6, or CC)
  • Pro Tools for Mac or Windows
  • Sony SoundForge for Mac or Windows*
  • Audacity for Mac or Windows

*For these systems, you'll receive a video tutorial only, templates not available.

Note:  TwistedWave for iOS doesn't support presets or stacks.

Tone Matching Service


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