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Purchase the entire training system, including the custom Mastering settings created by George Whittam.  

Send one Zip file with with all media files (JPG, MP3, WAV, DOC, PDF, MP4) using the form below.

All file names must start with your name.

INFO WE NEED FROM YOU (Word document)

Your contact info

  • your phone number
  • preferred method of communication
  • your location

Also include

  • Your audio chain and software version


  • Mono AIFF or WAV
    (MP3 not acceptable for mastering)
  • Must be less than 10 minutes
  • Must include 15 seconds of room tone (recorded with mic on, no speaking)
    at the start or end of file
  • Audio should not be processed or normalized


Learn Audiobook Production:  One-on-One

Upload your files below by typing in your email address and clicking "Next".

Success Story

Oh man!  How is my noise floor so low now!  I already had loud max installed but you have just made my mastering process infinitely easier.  I can not thank you enough.  I have watched many many of your videos so thanks for those as well.  I appreciate all your help.


Step 2 (of 2):


Need to create the perfect audiobook recording for ACX or other publishers that require "finished" or "mastered" files? We'll provide the training you need to quickly produce a professional finished product, complete with mastering settings we've custom created for you ​from your audio samples.  ​We can teach you the entire process of recording an audiobook, from "mic to MP3".   Recording, Editing, Proofing, and Mastering! 

We'll show you how, in an easy-to-learn and repeat method, on your audio recording software*.

We will:

  • Evaluate up to 10 minutes (or one chapter, whichever is less) of your recording  for sound quality and give suggestions on how to improve the sound, if necessary.
  • Explain editing methods, such as how to record and edit in a pick-up to match the original audio
  • Provide guidance on complete workflow and file management for efficient and quality production, including how to work with a third-party proofer (HIGHLY recommended).
  • Create the perfect audio processing settings for your voice, room, microphone, and delivery style, then provide instructions and/or templates to replicate the sound.  
  • Give you a fully processed audio file in the format of choice for your review. 
  • You'll send us the next segment (up to 10 minutes) of audio that you produced on your own. We'll check your work!

We won't:

  • Coach you on voice acting or how to create and maintain characters (check our Education department for help!) 
  • Do the work for you.  This is to train YOU how to do this, and you can! 
  • Belittle you and overwhelm you with unnecessary steps and details.

We can work with:

  • TwistedWave for Mac (not iOS)
  • Sony SoundForge Pro for Windows
  • Adobe Audition (CS 5.5 or higher) for Mac or Windows
  • Pro Tools for Mac or Windows (Pro Tools 11 or newer recommended*)
  • *Pro Tools 10 and earlier require a convoluted and tedious process for mastering. You've been warned.
  • Reaper & Audacity for Mac or Windows (with additional plug-ins) 

If your DAW is not listed, let us know, and we'll look into possible alternative solutions for you.  

$500 for the entire training system, including the custom Mastering settings created by George Whittam.  

If you want to learn only the Mastering process, that service is also available for $200.  

Purchase the Mastering process only!