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Got a quick question for George but don’t need an immediate response?  Send him a question and get an answer. It’s like writing to Whittam’s World (George’s video blog), but with the assurance that your question will be selected. Any technical question is suitable, as long as you can state it clearly in 200 characters or less.  George will respond to you directly by email within 5 business days. One question, one response, no follow-ups.

Or, for faster help with extended attention, or hands-on troubleshooting/setup,
choose one of our other Edge Studio Support options:

Home Studio Support Squad (HSSS): Quick, easy support from a member of the Edge Studio Technical team
Remote from George Whittam: hands-on support, as George himself works remotely on your computer
One-site from George Whittam: George comes to you (as available)

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