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Step 2 (of 2):

INFO WE NEED FROM YOU  (Word document)

Your contact info:

  • your phone number
  • preferred method of communication
  • your location

Description of your booth: 

  • interior dimensions
  • model (if applicable)
  • placement of doors and windows
  • items inside the booth
    (such as desk or wall mounted LCD)
  • You can include a couple photos
  • equipment and software


Upload your files below by typing in your email address and clicking "Next".

You've got the recording chain solid, the noise floor is low, your mic technique is stellar, but there's still something not quite right. It's probably your acoustics. Acoustics are impossible to fix "in the mix." If you have an isolation booth or closet for your recording space, chances are it needs acoustical improvement.   

 Let us make your space sound as good as a commercial studio!

 We will:

  • Review your audio sample and give feedback
  • Devise an acoustic treatment solution to fit your booth, one that also fits your budget and aesthetic sensibilities
  • Send a basic 3-D rendering of how the panels should be placed in the space
  • Provide a shopping list of materials, with links for your convenience  

Step 1 (of 2):

Send one Zip file with with all media files (JPG, MP3, WAV, DOC, PDF, MP4) using the form below.

All file names must start with your name.

Your needs. For example:

  • longevity
  • aesthetics
  • VOC's (toxicity)
  • installation difficulty

Your budget range: 

  • $100-$200
  • $200-$400
  • $400-$600
  • $600+


  • Mono audio file: MP3 (128 kbps or higher), AIFF or WAV
  • No longer than 2 minutes
  • Reads at low, medium, and high volumes
  • A few seconds of silence at the beginning or end of the read, so we can hear room tone
  • Audio should not be processed or normalized

Acoustic Treatment