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Ask us to improve the quality of your home-studio recordings. Our Tech Support team, led by Edge Studio Director of Technology George Whittam, can usually do it without even setting foot in your home! 

Edge Studio is the only full-service studio in the USA entirely dedicated to serving the voice-over industry. We provide all the advice, design, installation, maintenance, and tech tutorials that voice talent need to be on the leading edge. (We also provide advice and services to other full-blown voice-recording studios, corporate in-house recording facilities, ad agencies, audio publishers, producers, celebrity talent, and more.)

Our own studios are in New York and other U.S. cities, while our Tech Support is based in Los Angeles – ample proof that we're adept at working remotely and providing distributed services. We continually serve clients around the world.

Doing it right helps you make more money!

George Whittam and his all-star team are the best you can get, whether your issue is studio acoustics, tweaking your signal chain, dialing in EQ, speeding and smoothing your workflow, whatever. We'll enable you to get more work finished in less time. And we'll do it right the first time, or we'll fix it free.

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